After spending over 25 years in the Middle East, the author, aged 75, now leads a retired life.  He lives with his wife and son in Thane, near Mumbai. He has been passionate about writing from his early days.  His first book was a fast-paced sci-fi novel titled “This Nightmare is for Real”, was self-published. That was followed by a historical fiction titled “Bheem – The Sage of Madhavpur”, again a self-publication.  A third book, a fairy tale titled “The Missing Fairy Princess” which will be published on Kindle Select during the first week of June 2019, while a fourth on the oft-discussed topic of cross-border terrorism titled “The Carnivore has a Heart” is slated for publication shortly thereafter again on Kindle Select.



The story in short:


Dr. Shivendra Sharma, India’s renowned molecular biologist, and a Nobel laureate and Bharat Ratna recipient, has achieved an outstanding breakthrough in nano-biotechnology that could reshape the future of the world.


Unfortunately, a radical communist nation having gotten wise to the invention, has hired a powerful mafia group to wrest it.  In the meanwhile, Dr. Shiv has injected the serum on himself, and as a result, gained extraordinary powers.  The mafia goons are not aware of it.  They kidnap him in his inert state and take him to a remote facility with the intention of extracting the formula.  As more players are brought in, including Dr. Shiv’s longtime love, the plot becomes complicated and resembles more of a horrific nightmare.


How does Dr. Shiv’s ordeal end?  And what would he have to sacrifice to save the whole world from destruction?




The story in short:


The unexpected threat of invasion from its powerful neighbhour, Kesarpur, has sent ripples of fear among the populace.  There is more bad news – the enemy was scheming to assassinate Prince Bheem.  Obviously, if successful such a dastardly move would wreak havoc on the morale of the Madhavpur forces.


Consequently, on the day of the battle, with the Kesarpur army gaining, Prince Bheem and his three sisters, Princesses Mallika, Malavika and Madhuri found themselves being whisked away by their guardian to seek refuge in Devapur.  They had a good head-start over the enemy assassins coming after them.  That lead however, was likely to erode due to the fact that their progress was encumbered by the rough mountainous path, whereas the pursuers were killed soldiers.


Did Prince Bheem and his sisters manage to evade the pursuing assassins and make it safely to Devapur?

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The story in short:


Zharga, a senior witch, is singularly obsessed with power.  She accidentally overhears a conversation between two colleagues about a potent new mantra being developed by one of them.  She is consumed by greed to lay her hands on that mantra.


Having achieved her objective through foul means, she then hatches an elaborate plot to frame an adversary for her misdeed.  Her intention is to exact sweet revenge from her foe and at the same time, get away with the theft.  The victim, caught in her vicious web, is doomed to disgrace and a life sentence on a harsh penal colony.  The culprit in the meanwhile, learns from her crystal ball about an imminent threat from a Fairy Princess wearing a pink tiara.  To ward off that threat, she kidnaps the Fairy Princess, wipes her memory clean and then turns her into a two-year-old girl.  Unfortunately for the villain, she has goofed up by kidnapping the wrong Fairy Princess, Merlyn instead of her twin, Ashlyn.


Will Ashlyn be able to solve the mystery of her missing twin and stop Zharga in her evil plot?

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The story in short:


One of the leading fanatical sects in a neighbouring country has come up with a drastic plan which seeks to wreak mass destruction in India. The evil scheme receives the blessings of the army wielding power, even though it is fraught with danger of retaliation by India and possibly an all-out nuclear war.


As the plot takes shape, a dreaded criminal wanted by India, accompanied by two accomplices, arrives in the country through a clandestine route.  The Indian intelligence agencies have become wise to this threat through their sources and also, to the fact that these terrorists may be armed with miniature nuclear warheads.


In the need of the hour, an officer from the higher echelons of India’s Military Intelligence rises to meet the serious challenge.  He has devised a brilliant counter plan, although entailing great personal cost. As a result of his brave efforts, the enemy tastes bitter defeat, but not before, a deadly showdown between him and the dreaded criminal.

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