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One would have thought that as a non-smoker one was removed from the risk of lung cancer. That assumption now stands challenged due to the results of a study published recently. According to that study, an estimated around 6,000 people, who never smoked, died of lung cancer in the U.K. What shocking is that number is significantly greater than the number of deaths due to cervical cancer (900), lymphoma (5,200), leukemia (4,500), and ovarian cancer (4,200).

Some of the major factors contributing to lung cancer in non-smokers include second-hand smoke occupational carcinogen exposure, and outdoor pollution. Indoor cooking is also a key factor among the fatalities.

Sadly, the myth of lung cancer’s association with smoking places the non-smokers at an immense disadvantage in that they do not believe they are at risk. That inevitably leads to delays in diagnosis, thereby adversely affecting their chances of receiving timely curative treatment.

Considering the pathetic conditions prevailing in our own beloved India as far as pollution is concerned, one shudders to think of the number of persons affected. Do you hear any of the aspiring candidates in the current Lok Sabha elections championing this worthy cause? If a candidate in your constituency does, in all sincerity I would say that person deserves your backing.

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