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I have chosen the astounding news about the construction of 8 lac plus toilets in Bihar in just one week (at a mind-blowing rate of 7 toilets coming up in just 5 seconds) brought to my attention by my nephew, Vincent Mathias. (

Hardly had the reverberations of the massive showers of kudos died down, enters the media, or rather those obviously owing favours to the opposition camp, to spoil the party with disparaging photographic evidence.

What the photos depicted was a pathetic picture – rows of desi toilets, as many as 25 in a row, without any partition in between!

Naturally, one could be excused for jumping to the conclusion that there in the picture lay the secret behind expeditiously building the massive number of toilets within a record-breaking short period of one week!

Of course, one’s heart goes to the poor neta (politician)! How the heck would he know that his “well-intended” project would end up in that dismal fashion because of the idiotic and inefficient civic officials and their nexus with the favoured contractors!

On the other hand, let’s say for argument’s sake those civic officials and contractors had the blessings of the neta. So what? You can find any number of extenuating circumstances.

For instance, how can one find fault in his logic that if one is used to ‘doing’ it (defecating) in the open, then why such a big fuss about ‘doing’ it side-by-side, maybe indulging in frivolous banter with those on the neighbouring toilet seats, to while away the time whilst engaged in the otherwise mundane chore. Also, no doubt that would help take the wind out of the argument against the neta, forcing one to admit, albeit grudgingly, his devotion to his voter to the last minute detail.

Disclaimer: It is not my intention to poke pun at honest and hardworking politicians and hence, please view this article in the earnest spirit that has been penned.

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